The Top Advantages of Concrete Paving

Concrete Paving

Concrete pavers are considered to be one of the best paving products and stands out amongst others for their strength, durability and versatility. They are available in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes and are primarily used to construct walkways, patios and driveways. On the commercial front, concrete pavers are usually the first choice for roadways because of their long lasting properties.

Here are some advantages of using concrete pavers over other paving products.


Concrete pavers have wide applications in both residential and commercial settings. These include parking lots, patios, streets, promenades, sidewalks, golf cart paths, driveways and even roof gardens. Interlocking concrete pavers in various colours on long stretches of paved surfaces are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. These pavers have a non-skid surface and hence safe for vehicles and pedestrians even during rain or snow.

Low cost of material and installation

Concrete pavers are machine manufactured and hence cheaper than other pavers made of clay, granite or sandstone. Further, concrete pavers have almost zero maintenance and minimal replacement costs. It is a highly economical paving solution with long term benefits. Installation is very simple too. For small domestic projects like paving patios a DIY type of person with some basic tools has to simply follow the directions by the manufacturer to complete the task.

Varying shapes and colours

Concrete pavers are available in almost limitless alternatives. You can customise any area with the style and colour of your choice. They are manufactured to resemble naturally occurring paving materials with some possibilities being stone-like pavers and clay brick-like pavers. Light coloured concrete pavers are used around pool decks and patios to give the cool effect. Ones with the clay like earth tone can blend in well with any decor and landscape.

High strength

Concrete pavers are manufactured in a steel mould under highly supervised conditions and tight dimensional tolerances. Concrete pavers are thus of high strength exceeding that of poured concrete and black asphalt. Moreover, interlocking paving units facilitate expansion and contraction of the paved area without damaging the portion already laid. Small spaces between interlocking units allow movement without cracking up.

These are some of the primary advantages of using concrete pavers for various domestic and commercial applications.